When your building needs a traditional, breathable finish, limewash is suitable for both interior and exterior use

About our finishing services.

When it comes to finishing the interior or exterior of a period property, it is important to make sure that the materials used will allow the building to breathe properly. Limewash is a traditional finish for lime plasters and renders, suitable for both interior and external use, which also helps prevent mould growth and keep air clean.

Limewash can only be applied to porous surfaces such as lime rendering and plasterwork, so it is important to check that your building’s walls and surfaces are suitable before use. Once applied, though, these porous surfaces will be further protected from the elements. Reapplication is necessary periodically, but to what extent depends on a building’s exposure, and the average lifespan will be around 3-10 years.

Limewash is available in a range of colours depending on your property’s individual requirements, and gives walls a lively finish, with visible brush strokes giving a sense of depth to the plasterwork. Limewash also changes colour depending on weather conditions, deepening in shade when wet, and visibly glowing in bright sunshine.

Clerk-of-works Service

Peter Loe Restorations Ltd also offers a consultancy service on an agreed fee basis to architectural conservation practices and private clients engaged in the refurbishment and conservation of listed and historic buildings, in which we undertake the on-site management of projects consisting of the following:

  • Advice on approach and method
  • Initial project costings
  • Full or partial on-site supervision of contractors and craftsmen by suitably qualified personnel
  • Cost and quality control

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual requirements.