Lead roofing can last more than 200 years, but eventually it will need some work done to it

About our Lead roofing services.

Because of its durability, and high resistance to corrosion, Lead has been a common building material in roofing construction throughout the ages. At Peter Loe, we are experienced in using both modern and traditional techniques with both milled and sand cast lead, to match period features.

Our Lead roofing restoration services include: removing organic matter and cleaning stubborn dirt, reshaping and removing dents/distortions, Lead burning or epoxy repairs, and total replacement of damaged Lead work and leaking sections.

Generally, lead roofing and flashings that are in fairly good condition with only minor splitting will only need the necessary repairs carried out. If the Lead work is more extensively damaged, it is advisable to carry out a full assessment of the damage before undertaking repairs, to determine whether repair could affect other parts of the a building’s structure.

Clerk-of-works Service

Peter Loe Restorations Ltd also offers a consultancy service on an agreed fee basis to architectural conservation practices and private clients engaged in the refurbishment and conservation of listed and historic buildings, in which we undertake the on-site management of projects consisting of the following:

  • Advice on approach and method
  • Initial project costings
  • Full or partial on-site supervision of contractors and craftsmen by suitably qualified personnel
  • Cost and quality control

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual requirements.